Irradiated Marrow – Ruined Forms – Tape


Verfügbarkeit: Vorrätig

Limited and hand-numbered cassette edition of 20 pieces, same program repeated on both sides.
This EP is pretty sick. Irradiated Marrow is one of those unknown projects that definitely deserve more attention, simply because their music is fucking killer. This is high-octane, hateful black/death metal that borders on war metal. In essence, you could say this is war metal, but without the imagery. The simple, yet cool layout renders the music a kind of primitive aesthetic, which is complimentary to the band’s cavernous brand of hate-noise. Everything was recorded by one person; a multi-instrumentalist known as Jared Moran aka Cave, and he definitely did one helluva job. The devastatingly raw production brings to mind Conqueror’s War.Cult.Supremacy, whilst also giving nods to bands like Bestial Raids, Amputator, Baphomets Horns, etc. Enough of the name-dropping, if you like ultra violent black/metal that will tear you a new one, then this EP is for you. Recommended. (HT)
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