Panikos / Hellstorm – s/t Split LP


Verfügbarkeit: Vorrätig


Hier gibst zweimal griechischen Hardcorepunk/Crust zu hören.

„Give ‚em Hell“ schreiben:

„Saddly Punk, Crust bands from the country Greece are very underrated, this two bands prove that there are fantastic bands from there:

PANIKOS are metallic and dark Hardcore, Punk band, totally in the vein of AMEBIX, NEUROSIS, DEVIATED INSTINCT but with a huge dose of Thrash Metal like VOIVOD, SLAYER, SEPULTURA, … .

HELLSTORM play very metallic Crustcore in the vein of swedish bands like WOLFBRIGADE, DISFEAR, WOLFPACK but also add a lot of influences of modern european Punk, Crust, from bands such as VISIONS OF WAR, FEAR OF EXTINCTION, LAST LEGION ALIVE, … .“


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