Pissdeads – Crosses and wheels – Tape


Nicht vorrätig


Bizarre and tremendious compilation of the most well-known Noisegrind-project from Selyatino, Russia.

The A-side (piss A & B) consists of two re-recorded sessions from old and new material, which is heavily rooted in the Black / Death Metal realms.

The B-side belongs to Merihem, a so far unpublished side-project from Popster (Pissdeads), which everyone should enjoy, who is into Black Metal Noise.
Cryptbat also joined this unholy force of eternal cacophony and presents their additional vocal versions of the four Merihem songs.

This whole release is dedicated to Izedis Apirikubabadazuzukanpa (1981-2020). REST IN FUKKIN POWER!!!

Limited and hand-numbered edition of 30 pieces.